Story ideas

Like a good conversation, a life interview with us is comfortable yet real. You can do the talking as you like or we can guide part or all of the converstaion with questions that match your style. 

An interview is at your chosen location and includes one DVD or Blu Ray disc. (An audio only alternative is available on CD).

Your privacy is important and absolute. We do not share or sell any information about you or your interview content. Optional editing and additional interview time is available. Further locations require a nominal travel fee.

My Story Highlights is a concise interview capturing many of the important experiences of your life together with a sampling of your beliefs and preferences. One hour, 1 DVD, your location.

About Me is a great interview that helps capture who you are with no emphasis on life history. The focus here is on your values, beliefs, and preferences. Be ready to think, feel, and laugh as you respond to these well crafted questions. One hour, 1 DVD, your location.

Yearbook is an annual interview designed especially for your growing child. A yearly repeat of the same questions about beliefs, preferences and personality, it is a fascinating and fun look at the development of your child. Intended for school age years kindergarten through high school senior. One hour, 1 DVD, your location.

Celebration creates a fun and truly personal memory of a special event such as a birthday, graduation, groom’s dinner, anniversary, or retirement. Friends and family each take a few minutes to offer the guest(s) of honor a special video message saying a few kind words, recalling a memory, or making a wish toward the future. We are always on hand to coach participants who are looking for encouragement or ideas. One hour, 1 DVD, your location.

Ask about personalized and upgrade story options:

My Story is an expanded interview capturing more depth and breadth of your life experiences and who you are. Three to 6 hours, conducted in a few visits.

All of Me is our very best life story interview. A multiple hour interview structured chronologically and guided by our best collection of questions. The result is a complete and meaningful record of your life. Conducted over several visits. 

Stop by for a Visit (NEW) is our unique assistive life story service. We arrive at a regular scheduled time each week for an informal check on how you are and then record a chapter of your life story. Following each visit we communicate to your chosen family member about our check in and whether a need or concern has been expressed. “Stop by for a Visit” is intended as a scheduled, ongoing service capturing one life story chapter per visit. Well crafted questions range in tone from heartfelt to fun and cover childhood to present day. Fifty minutes (check in and interview) at your location.

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